“How can ANZMAC best co-create and deliver value with and for its members and other stakeholders?”

Executive Summary

In December 2015 the ANZMAC Executive Committee established a working party to conduct a strategic review of the role and value of ANZMAC to members and other stakeholders and to make recommendations. 

There was a call for submissions and group discussions were held with academics at a number of universities in Australia and New Zealand. Personal interviews were also held with academics from ANZ and abroad as well as representatives of external stakeholders such as the Australian Marketing Institute and the Australian Market Research Organisation. A special session was held at the ANZMAC Conference in December 2016 to discuss the Green.  It was also discussed at the Fellows meeting and Institutional Members meeting. On the basis of this process this White Paper has been developed for approval by the Executive of ANZMAC. 

A variety of issues arose including those related to the conference, early career researchers. The roles of ANZMAC generally, Institutional Members and Fellows; the Australasian Marketing Journal, funding issues and external relations. Nine overlapping priorities for the near term emerged:

Our recommendations

pillar 1

Increase and stabilise the revenue base of ANZMAC 

pillar 2

Engage with industry and other professional groups 

pillar 3

Enhance the value and status of the AMJ

pillar 4

Adding value to its offering for previous neglected groups

pillar 5

Revising the structure of the conference to better meet the needs of different groups 

pillar 6

Addressing the quality issues raised in the report 

pillar 7

Communicate more effectively the activities of ANZMAC and about developments in the academic community 

pillar 8

Make greater use of the Fellows in meeting all the above priorities with industry and other professional groups 

pillar 9

Organise and facilitate methodological workshops 

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Future Directions: The Nature and Role of ANZMAC