ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Award

ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Award

Participating in the Colloquium offers the opportunity to win the ANZMAC Doctoral Colloquium Award. Selection of the best paper will be based on the quality of the submitted proposal and the students’ presentation during the Colloquium. 

Note the successful student must be enrolled in a PhD program at an ANZMAC Institutional Member University preferably in at least their second year of full time studies (or equivalent part time).

The recipient of the award is determined by the Conference co-chairs and DC co-chairs. If a suitable candidate is not identified, the award will not be made.

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Previous awards:

2015, Jason Pallant, Monash University, presenting "The influence of marketing communications on the consumer path to purchase for both online and offline purchases"
2014, Cathy Nguyen, University of South Australia
2013, Abi Badejo, Griffith University
2012 Ana Mocanu, University of South Australia
2011 Angela Cruz, University of Auckland Business School, presenting “Acculturation as Performance: Southeast Asian Immigrant Consumers in New Zealand
2010 Jo En Yap, University of Melbourne, presenting “Doing Privacy”: Exploring the Nature of Consumer Privacy and the Strategies to Achieve Privacy”